Finding a job in Helsinki

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Helsinki is home to close to half a million jobs

Industries in Finland’s capital are quite stable, with significant growth in the scientific, financial and technical sectors. The city’s ICT businesses are booming and have overtaken trade in terms of new jobs created. Helsinki has a shortage of healthcare and early childhood education professionals, so there are many jobs available in these fields.

Tips for finding a job in Helsinki

  • Check the job search websites below. Note that the last two links lead to job search websites that are only available in Finnish.

  • If you are unable to find work, you can register as a jobseeker at your local TE employment office. They will direct you to Helsinki Employment Services, where many services are available to help you.

  • Join social media groups that focus on employment, and make an effort to actively network (for example, attend job fairs, training workshops and recruitment events)

  • Contact firms you are interested in and offer to work, and also ask people you know about work that might be available

  • If you are not already learning one of Finland’s two official languages, sign up to learn Finnish and/or Swedish at a location near you.

Are you outside of the country still?

If you are not yet in Finland and are interested in finding a job in Helsinki, you can use our First Steps Checklist to see the permits and registrations that are required before you can enter the country to work.

How to register as a jobseeker

If you are already a registered resident of the city and are looking for work, your first step should be to register as a jobseeker at a TE office (Employment and Economic Development Office). The office will direct you to Helsinki Employment Services

In addition to its other services, Helsinki Employment Services provides jobseekers from abroad with a set of targeted services that aim to help newcomers find work and settle in. People who have lived here for less than three years since their registration of residence are eligible to begin these services.

For example, integration training provides eligible participants with introductory Finnish or Swedish lessons and guidance in identifying and developing skills that are important for the job market. Employment service specialists help participants to create their own personal employment or integration plan. In most cases, this training lasts one year.

Other options available to all eligible registered jobseekers include career counsellingeducation advicework try-outs and pay subsidy work, as well as apprenticeships that combine work and study. Learn more about all of the service options on the Helsinki Employment Services website.

Do I qualify for Helsinki Employment Services?

Find out if you are entitled to services like integration training and career coaching from the city by calling the service at +358 9 3103 6107 from 9-15 on weekdays. The services’ link below has more information.

Other helpful employment services

Have you considered starting your own business?

It is easy to start your own business in Helsinki and the city has many services to assist you and make your entrepreneurial dreams come true. Find more information in our section on working that is linked below.

View of City Hall

Are you interested in working for the City of Helsinki?

The City of Helsinki is the largest employer in Finland’s capital, with over 39,000 employees. Check out the city’s recruitment website for open positions of interest.

Open jobs at the City of Helsinki

Where can I learn more about working in Helsinki?

This website’s Working in Helsinki section has all the information you need on salaries, taxation, workplace expectations and behaviour, work permits, and recognition of studies and qualifications.