Are you a tourist in Helsinki?

If you are looking for tourist information, MyHelsinki is here for you! Start with the section on Tourist Information for a map with highlights, and then check out the other sections for ideas for fun things to see and do.

Get your bearings in your new home city of Helsinki

During your first few months in the city, maps can be a big help in finding your way around. They can also help you find the locations of the city’s wide range of services.

Service Map

Helsinki’s Service Map helps you to find municipal services and facilities in the city. Simply click on the Service Map name in the lower left corner and the map will open in a new tab. Search for health stations and dental clinics, daycare centres, libraries, and sports facilities near your home by entering a keyword, address or postal code in the search field. Click on the map icons to find more details about a location, such as contact information, opening hours and accessibility information.

Helsinki Map Service

The Helsinki Map Service is an interactive platform with many layers of maps. Use the menu to choose the layers you wish to see. For example, you can first choose the Background Map and then a layer, such as Streets and Parks>Parking places. This will show you the locations of free short-term and long-term parking in the city.

Explore the Helsinki Map Service to find even more information on things like disabled parkingelectric car charging stations and main cycling routes.

Route map Helsinki

Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) is responsible for public transport in the metropolitan area. This makes HSL’s Route map Helsinki a valuable map to have on hand. Paper versions are available at the HSL service point, located in the west wing of Helsinki’s Central Railway Station.

Route map Helsinki shows all of Helsinki’s bus, tram, metro and ferry routes, as well as stops, terminals, municipal borders and fare zones. Similar HSL maps are available for Helsinki’s surrounding cities of Espoo and Kauniaineneastern Vantaa and Kerava and western Vantaa, along with several other municipalities. A route map for the entire Capital Region rounds out the HSL route map selection. For more information, see our section on Public transport in Helsinki.

Woman at the entrance to a colourful house in Eira neighbourhood

What are Helsinki’s different neighbourhoods like?

The MyHelsinki website has a great presentation of Helsinki’s districts that highlights their unique feel and characteristics.

Helsinki’s neighbourhoods